Family Gathering was a site project first created to keep in touch with my family as I travel around. I also use this server to test new programming widgets that I make.

This home page is going to be used for something else soon.
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To Monterey 8-2005
Kittens 11-2005
Blizzard 11-2006
Flower Show Seattle 02-2007
Low tide WA 5-2007
Red Rock Canyon 2-2008
Santa Cruz 1-2008
ASDM 5-1-2008
Star Trek 3-15-2008
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Personal Projects
WeSchool Project
Mommatown Project


2009 Travels
Florida explorations:
St Petersburg, Tampa, Daytona,
St. Augustine, Jacksonville
Other States: S Carolina, N Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington D.C.
2008 Travels
Washington 1 month, Oregon drive-thru, Nevada 2 months, Arizona 6 months, Hollywood California 1 month, New Mexico drive-thru, Texas 2 days, Louisiana/Alabama drive-thru, Florida 2 months

This Site
Launched: Oct 2004
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